Heat Treatment

In the foundry are installed two natural gas furnaces. They are equipped with a program controlled impulsive high-speed burners and air jets for controlled cooling of charge. It also includes water pool with a fast circulation and exchange of water for quenching castings.

The foundry is able to provide most of the methods of heat treatment

- normalization annealing
- stress relieving annealing
- soft annealing
- austenitization annealing
- annealing according to thermal curve - customer supplied regulation annealing

We don't have equipment for quenching in oil.

The limiting values for the option of heat treatment:

- crane capacity - 5 tons
- maximum temperature in the furnace 1050°C
- size of water pool 2500 mm x 3000 mm x 2000 mm depth

  furnace no.1 furnace no.2
width 2000 mm nebo 4000 mm
length 4000 mm nebo 6000 mm
height 1800 mm nebo 1900 mm